Discover a New Dimension of Nail Sculpting With Our Cutting-Edge Cool Remove Builder Gels

Cool Remove Builder Gel

The groundbreaking innovation headlining our fall/winter product line brings you a new generation of builder gels. Cool Remove Builder Gels contain the same non-heating formula as Cool Gels, generating substantially less heat than ordinary builder gels, saving your clients from the burning sensation that would otherwise occur during the curing process. Cool Remove Builder Gels offer medium density, outstanding adhesion, extreme durability, and peerless flexibility.

To ensure that you can realize your nail-sculpting visions, we have developed four variations of Cool Remove Builder Gels. The transparent Clear is boosted with an optical brightening effect. Cover Fill is perfect for nail bed extension and refill, and provides optimal semi-coverage to hide regrowth. Cover Pink is a favorite among nail technicians worldwide, while White delivers impeccable coverage and evokes the purity of freshly fallen snow.

For the ultimate nail sculpting experience and results, we recommend using the following brushes: 6 Gel Brush, Xtreme Gel Brush, and Nero Merlo II Brush. Curing time using a UV lamp is 2-3 minutes, which is reduced to 1-2 minutes when using a LED light. Pinching time is 20-25 seconds and 10-15 seconds, respectively. Soaking off an entire nail built with Cool Remove Builder Gels takes approximately 15-20 minutes depending on the nail’s thickness and the strength of the Acryl Remover.

To speed up the soak-off process, use foil wrap, as it generates heat and softens the material, making it easy to scratch it off. Removing thickness is crucial, since the thinner the material, the smoother the soak-off process will be. Leaving thickness intact can increase soak-off time to as much as 30-40 minutes. For flawless soak-off results, apply a layer of Easy Top Off Gel.

Cool Remove Soak Off

  • Groundbreaking innovation boasting a non-heating formula to prevent burning sensation

  • Medium density, outstanding adhesion, extreme durability, peerless flexibility

  • Four colorways: Clear, Cover Fill, Cover Pink, and White

  • Curing time: 2-3 minutes with UV, 1-2 minutes with LED

  • Pinch time: 20-25 seconds with UV, 10-15 seconds with LED

  • Easy to soak off, takes only 15-20 minutes

  • Also available in a four-piece Cool Remove Builder Gel kit


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