More than 10 years ago the brand Crystal Nails was created by the integration of top quality materials - manufactured in the USA and Europe - into one product family. After the initial successes,  the serious development of the Crystal Nails products has started in cooperation with international champions and developing engineers.

The aim was to come up with such new products – at the beginning of each fashion season - that no one else has in the world. Innovation is the keyword of our success!

During the years, we managed to create a strong competitor team and unbeatable quality materials, what brought serious international fame to our nail technicians and Crystal Nails: WE WON 3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS,  24 GOLD MEDALS AT LONDON NAILYMPICS AND 200 OTHER INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS WORLDWIDE.

We became the LEADERS OF NAILFASHION: In the countries of Europe, America and Africa more and more people fell in love with the Crystal materials, which were developed by top engineers and winners of professional world competitions. The result of their work is an extremely wide range of products: more than 40 different types of builder gels and acrylics, 500 types of color gels, 300 color acrylic powders, 300 CrystaLac gel-polishes (including the unique One Step CrystaLac gel polish system)  and countless special effects. Everybody can find the perfect material, what suits her style the most!

The “Crystal family” is growing: we have partners in 26 countries and we are actively searching for new distributors, who are as dedicated to this profession as we are.

Nowadays, Crystal Nails is known as the market leader brand of champions. The sales of previous years show that more and more people choose us instead of our competitors.

As the founder of Crystal Nails I am happy and proud that I could be a part of an unprecedented story like this.

I truly recommend the innovations, products, courses, and events by heart– and especially the team spirit, and success philosophy to everyone!

Thank you for your trust and we will work even harder in the next 10 years to keep you contented with our materials and tools in order to stay your trustworthy partners at the salon!

Crystal Nails – the nail innovator

Zoltan Jakob

The Founder and Leader of Crystal Nails
Beauty Expert and Advisor
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