1. How many sets can I make with a builder gel trial kit?

It really depends on how long enhancement you usually make. It is said that you can make 10 full sets of salon length nails. If you make longer extensions it will not last that long.

2. How long does shipping take?

Shipping time within the U.S.A is 1-3 business days. Since we ship your package with USPS you can check track your package at www.usps.com.

3. I can't see the prices of the webshop. Why?

You can only see the prices if you live in the territory of the US and Mexico. If you live in a different country, check out the list of our distributors. CLICK HERE: www.crystalnails.com/distributors In case of any other question please contact info@crystalnails.com

4. How do I pay? How does the payment work?

The payment works via PayPal. If your order is placed, you are going to recieve a money request to your e-mail address, then you follow the further instructions. The other option is paying with PayU (credit card).

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