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Natural bristle (Kolinsky), size 8 porcelain construction brush . It is made of a softer type of fur. It is also recommended for beginners.

 High quality, exclusive design, favorable price.

 The brushes have a separate cap and a fixed handle (the cap is not the handle), so it is impossible for the handle to wobble or fall.


CN Tips:

  • Before the first use, carefully remove the adhesive from your brush, then soak it with clean liquid and squeeze out the air bubbles. This way you can significantly increase the lifespan of your brush.
  • After use, clean your porcelain brushes in clear liquid, then store them on dry paper, wiped dry, with the tip assembled at a point, upside down or lying flat. Otherwise, Liquid may dissolve the glue in the brush handle, which will discolor and yellow the material.
  • Use a deep, double-walled Liquid holder jar so that the tip of your brush cannot touch the bottom of the jar. This way you protect the tip of your brush and you can pick up more liquid. The double-walled heat-equalizing crucible provides an optimal temperature to achieve the appropriate setting time.
  • For pigmented, colored, glittery powders, keep a separate brush or even a separate Liquid holder, so you can preserve the pure color of your materials.

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