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Polar light effect

Aurora Crystal liquid is a nail art liquid that changes color in a given temperature range and can be used to achieve an effect comparable to the sight of the aurora borealis.

It can be used on any CrystaLac or colored gel surface, it is recommended to choose a darker shade, so that the full color range of the material can be used. Apply a non-fixing base matted back (or cover the adhesive with Cool Top Universal light gel and matte it back) . Apply the Aurora Crystal Liquid to the surface of the nail in any form (tendril, flower, geometric patterns, etc.) and then wait for it to dry in the air , which can take 3-4 minutes depending on the thickness of the layer, which is accelerated by the use of a lamp and fan.

After complete drying , the material becomes transparent, then the edge of the nail must be filed, and then covered with Cool Top Universal gel in two layers with edge sealing.

0.14 FL OZ

Attention! The material does not last long when applied to the entire surface! It can only be used for decorations that do not reach the edges of the nails.

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