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"Kugli" carbide milling head

Large conical grinding head. Its slightly blunt tip enables safer use. Longitudinal grooves. Painless and resonance-free use. It can also be used for porcelain and gel.

It doesn't heat up.

The correct procedure for disinfecting metal tools:

  1. Clean the metal tool from organic contamination (dust, pieces of leather, etc.). You can clean it manually under lukewarm running water with a nail brush or with Crystal Nails XtremePRO Ultrasonic Cleaner.
  2. Wipe the device dry.
  3. Spray the device with a device disinfectant, CrystalSept Alcoholic Device, and Surface Disinfectant can be used for this purpose. The disinfectant should apply to all used surfaces of the device. Wait 1-1.5 minutes, this is the time required for the disinfectant to take effect.
  4. Thoroughly rinse the disinfectant off the metal tool with running water.
  5. Wipe the device dry and put it in its storage place.

Never allow the disinfectant or water to dry on the device, as this may damage the quality of the device.

Attention! Never spray the hand unit of sanding machines with disinfectant, because it causes the hand unit to malfunction, which is not covered by the warranty. You can find the correct cleaning of sanding machines in the user manual supplied with the machine.

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