GEL TIP - Medium Square

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120 tips/box

The gel tip is a revolutionary innovation that ensures quick and easy work in salons. A flexible, pre-shaped gel-based tip is glued to the prepared nail with the extra thick Gel Tip Glue. Plus, it doesn't require any building material, flatter c-shaped nails can be made with it. Despite its thinness, it is extremely durable and can be filled in the usual way with any material.

The box contains 12 sizes x 10 tips, i.e. 120 tips/box.
CN tip: Use of Base Gel is recommended. It should not be pushed completely up to the rampart and after tying, file the resulting edge, file the nail and the design of your choice can be prepared!

The release time is approx. 30-40 minutes, similar to porcelain.

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GEL TIP - Medium Square
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