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"The rubbery Compact Base Gel"

Smart: because it is smart, it crawls into place on its own, and blends into the surface

Gummy: because it is flexible, rubbery

Rubber base: because you can base it, fill your own nails with it, create a C-curve. However, do not use this to build a long nail on a template, use the Compact product line, the Elasty  Hardener  Gel, or the Sens Base & Builder product line from our brush-based building gels.

New, innovative Base Gel , characterized by extremely easy spreading, high flexibility and strong adhesion. The creation of a smooth surface is child's play, because the material is easily smoothed out with a little help and the unevenness quickly disappears from its surface. It holds the  desired curve well, meanwhile it does not flow easily in the direction of the rampart, thereby providing a great help to those who basically like to work with moderately soft materials. It provides a fast work pace and few corrective movements . Its flexibility makes it stand out among all Base Gels , making it extremely resistant, as it adapts to all kinds of movement of the natural nail, so it can withstand possible mechanical influences better than its counterparts. Its adhesion is outstanding, it is at the forefront of the adhesion order of Base Gels.


After knitting, the surface remains sticky, the top coat is Cool Top Gel .

*1Used on its own, we recommend it for mini-length nails up to the tip of the finger.

CN Tip: We recommend a clear adhesive layer under colored base gels, in case of replacement, this ensures the protection of natural nails. A base layer of the colored base is applied to the clear adhesive layer, then the C-curve is formed from the same colored base, which gives the nail its intended shape.

 Cure in a UV lamp for 2-3 minutes, in an LED lamp for 1-2 minutes (depending on the strength of the lamp)

 Due to different monitor settings, the color shown in the picture and the actual color may differ from each other


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