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ORANGE 0.91Fl.oz

In the new summer collection of the Xtreme Fusion acrylic gel product line, there are really bright, vibrant shades! Starting from this year's glowing yellow trend color, through the sea-like blue, to the orange and pink shades resplendent in the colors of the sunset. Get ready, because the new acrylic gels will blow up the summer!

 Curing time in UV/LED lamp 4-5 minutes, in LED 1-2 minutes.

 New-generation, non-burning, Xtreme-dense, perfectly shapeable, and easy-to-file acrylic jelly building material. During construction, it is characterized by the controllability of jelly and the timelessness of the formability of porcelain. After bonding, the capability and flexibility of the jelly are combined with the strength of porcelain. After binding, then shaped with a file.

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