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Snow-white thick building gel


Thick, warm snow-white building gel. It is highly pigmented, so it has good coverage even when applied thinly, it is blindingly white, but it also covers thickly. Material that can be spread easily, evenly and without shadows. It is dense, does not flow, does not move, but it can be spread very easily and a nice even surface can be created with it. It should be applied with a softer type of brush, because it can be applied evenly: 4 Gel brush , 6 Gel brush or Nero Merlo II. brush .

Complete curing in a UV lamp for 3-4 minutes. 2-3 minutes in LED.


Xtreme White gel foundation recommendation:

Apply a thin base layer of transparent building gel thinly on the prepared nail, slightly thicker on the template (specifying the shape of the extension). Light for 1 minute, then carefully remove the template. This way, you can make the white end more precisely on the transparent extension. Another advantage is that in the UV lamp, the light also hits the white gel from below.

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